Deutsch Drahthaar from Baton Rouge Deutsch Drahthaar: bred to work as companions in the field and live well at home with hunters and their families.

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I was one of the few people from south Louisiana who didn't hunt as a child. I was active in sports year round and I didn't come from a hunting family but I had many friends who did. In my mid 20's I was introduced to hunting at the invitation of some friends in Texas where I was living at the time. I caught the "Bird" bug and quickly fell in love with quail hunting. Shortly thereafter I bought a German Short-Haired Pointer and we were a bird hunting team.

My friends introduced me to rabbits, deer, dove, ducks, geese, pheasant, and turkeys and quickly I was a versatile hunter. But my real love was bird hunting. I had a very nice GSP but in many situations I was limited because he was not as versatile as my hunting. Soon I was searching for a more versatile hunting companion. I looked at all breeds including the German Wirehaired Pointer (GWP) but I also saw the many distinct attributes of the Deutsch Drahthaar.

It was 1989 and I was blessed to be able to get Anna, my first DD, close to home in Baton Rouge where I now live. I immediately saw the difference in the drive, nose, search, water love, intelligence, personality, mental stability and trainability. I remain impressed with this wonderful breed.

I am actively involved in the DD breed club, VDD-GNA, because I am sold on the German breeding and testing system that stands the test of time. I have witnessed first hand that if you get involved your dog is better than 95% of the other dogs you hunt with in the field and you are a better handler as well. We are now breeding fantastic dogs in the US that are ready to hunt with you in the forest, marsh and field and desire to be included with you at home right in the middle of your family. It is my goal to breed selectively to build on the success of others from the past to produce dogs that are versatile, talented, easy to train, athletic, correctly built and sound mentally. The DD is bred to work as a companion in the field and live well at home with hunters and their families.

With consistent training and exposure to a variety of hunting situations, your Drahthaar can become your hunting partner creating memorable experiences in the field and home, with family and friends. These memories are priceless.

Drahthaar breeder, Brandt Hardy, with "Reese," his versatile hunting companion.

Brandt Hardy, v. Roten Stock
Baton Rouge, LA

VDD/GNA Registered
Deutsch Drahthaar Breeder


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